Onsite Therapy

Our On site massage incorporates Swedish massage and acupressure techniques on an ergonomic massage chair. This type of massage is ideal for :

• Inducing calmness
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Improve work morale
• Reduce sickness levels
• Improve work performance

As this treatment is carried out on an ergonomic massage chair without the use of oils, it can be tailored to suit each clients needs. This treatment leaves you refreshed, energised, ready to go !

Who Benefits ?


see a reduction in :

  • Back pain

  • Shoulder pains

  • Discomfort in hands and arms

  • Head and neck aches

  • RSI injuries


  • Demonstrate commitment to duty of care

  • Boost morale to induce greater productivity

  • Reduce stress related sickness

  • Promote well being to staff

We also offer:

Swedish massage,