Therapies for Cancer Care

:: Onsite Therapies As experienced practitioners, we have gained a wealth of experience in working with clients who are undergoing treatments for various forms of cancer, in remission or palliative care. All clients will need to be G.P. referred, and will also need to complete a health consultation to enable us to tailor treatments to […]

Stress Management

:: Onsite Therapies Employers, how do we invest in the most important resource – our STAFF , when work demands and stress levels increase, staff performance falls, sickness levels increase and morale reaches an all time low ? Did you know that statistically an average of 30 + working days are lost due to ill […]


:: Onsite Therapies Aromatherapy uses essential oil which are easily absorbed by the body while you are being massaged. The aroma of the oils benefit our olfactory senses which in turn relaxes the body as a whole. Aromatherapy is a beneficial treatment to many health concerns such as : • Soothing the nervous system• Relieves […]


:: Onsite Therapies Reflexology : a holistic therapy that treats the whole body through the feet or hands. This treatment induces a state of relaxation, allowing the body to naturally harmonize and improve well-being. Reflexology is beneficial in treating, amongst others : Reflexology is beneficial in treating, amongst others : • Stress• Insomnia• Circulation problems• […]


:: Onsite Therapies Swedish Massage a holistic treatment which benefits the body physiologically and psychologically . By using essential oils such as Almond oil, peach kernel oil, Coconut oil… and using various massage strokes such as petrissage, effleurage, percussion, tapotement and acupressure and many more. Each treatment is individually tailored The benefits to the body […]